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J. Salas

I met Cathy when I just found out I was pregnant. We needed to get a house that would work better for our future family. Cathy is an amazing realtor. I did not personally know her but, but she built a good rapport that we trusted her with the sale of our condo and the purchase of our new single-family home. Cathy did her best to make the process less stressful for me. She helped clean, stage, and show our condo and was able to sell it over the asking price despite the Thanksgiving holiday.

After selling our condo, we were under a time constraint to buy a house cause we have a deadline to move out. Cathy worked very hard. We were viewing houses almost every day even at night. Despite the very competitive Bay Area housing market, Cathy was very professional and made sure we had the right strategy on our home search and bidding. The process, though stressful, Cathy was always reassuring us that we will be able to get into a house that we love. Despite all the ups and downs of our biddings, Cathy built a very good rapport with her fellow realtors and was able to get us an off-market house that we were able to purchase without competition.

Cathy is a very good realtor who sincerely looks out for her client”s best interests. We are very happy with Cathy’s services and would highly recommend her to anybody looking to sell or buy a home.

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